What is Cheese.lab Industries?

Last updated 6 months ago

This documentation is incredibly work-in-progress. Please bear with us while we add more things over time.


The journey is still a far one, but we’re finally reaching our goal of becoming a decentralized community focused on delivering awesome experiences to the online digital world.


Our main focus is community. We're focused on assisting people with code, or playing games in our spare time. Cheese.lab Industries is set out to help and fuse people's skills together, by working together and teaching each other! We're set on creating a crowdlearning platform that is easily accessible on Discord & existing opensource technologies. As we observe the growth and as more users join us, it opens up more opportunities for people to learn from each other and have fun at the same time!

Current & Future Objectives

We're focusing on bringing fun experiences to the gaming & programming community. By creating fun environments such as learning how to code, or just hanging out playing games on various social media platforms. We believe that with other people involved, it will allow us to further outreach our community and in turn do more exciting things with the community such as competitions and giveaways. Not only that but in the future we plan to expand to other communities. Eventually, we want to become completely decentralized so the community can run by itself.

Activity Zones

These are the activity zones that you can expect to find on Cheese.lab Industries. As we're on a decentralized Discord server, you can choose what community you want to opt-in to. We believe that a decentralized space with different activity zones and usages makes it better than switching to a completely different server and losing your user base.


Cheese.lab Academy

Cheese.lab Academy is a coding community run by gamers & coders for gamers & coders. By crowdlearning and sharing our skills, we learn from each other. Person A could be learning JavaScript while being an expert in C#. Person B could lack skills in C# and learn that language from Person A, and help Person A with JavaScript. It's a concept we love and it's really effective when you have several people in a chat helping each other out.

Academy is part of your enrollment so you won't be able to opt out of this.

Cheese.lab Gaming

Cheese.lab Gaming speaks for itself. When we've stopped teaching people how to code, we move over to the lab and have gaming events or just chill out and chat. There are roleplay-esque elements, such as lab-themed roleplay. We hope to run D&D-like events in the future to broaden our horizons.

To opt in to Cheese.lab Gaming, you can use this command on Discord: .optin gaming

Alternatively you can opt out of this activity zone using: .optout gaming

Cheese.lab DIY

Cheese.lab DIY is our DIY-inspired activity zone. If you're building projects in Raspberry Pi or Arduino, this is for you. We also actively accept suggestions for other DIY projects in the tech community.

To opt in to Cheese.lab DIY, you can use this command on Discord: .optin diy

Alternatively you can opt out of this activity zone using: .optout diy

Cheese.lab Events

Events will open up in Q2/Q3. We plan to do giveaways and prizes/competitions for those who are most active in our community.

Events is part of your enrollment so you won't be able to opt out of this.

More communities coming soon as we approach new projects.

How You Can Help


We're always actively developing Cheese.lab Industries and experimenting with new ideas. And we're always looking for new developers to join in and contribute to the code. Come visit the Discord if you're interested and we'll see what we can do.


Other people can contribute by becoming a volunteer and creating brand awareness & general word-of-mouth to help make the project flourish and get other gamers & programmers on board. We believe in fairness and fun! You'll also get a swanky new Donator role too!

Your support will help us cover server costs (websites, bot servers, projects, etc) to run this place and keep it completely free of charge for the public. We don't require you to donate a penny, but you can if you feel it will help us keep our various servers running. All we ask is for your continued support and help us by volunteering your time. As we're set on becoming a decentralized non-profit community, we do not make any profit from this whatsoever. We're just a bunch of passionate gamers & programmers that enjoy helping out the community and having fun!


You can find out more about us on our website: cheeselab.industries